Work the Arms Through Impact to Stop the Slice

June 5, 2017 8:03 am

By World of Golf London Master Professional, Jon Woodroffe

Do you suffer the dreaded slice? Most golfers do. Here is a quick way to reduce or even stop the problem. Through impact most people suffer what we quaintly call the “chicken wing”, which is where the left arm lifts, the elbow sticks out and the forearms fail to turn over thus leaving the club pointing to the right through impact (see below)

Chicken Wing

To stop this the thought you need is to try to get your forearms to touch. This is actually almost anatomically impossible when you hit a golf ball, but any attempt to get near to achieving this will mean that you will have rotated your forearms thus closing the clubface through the hitting area and this will stop the ball slicing off to the right, as in the below picture.

Rotate arms

The worst that might happen is the ball may go straight to the left of target. This will show that the swing path is still not correct, but at least the damaging side spin that you were putting on the ball will have stopped. The result? Less lost golf balls into the bushes, more smiles and better scores.

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