Bunker follow through - No one enjoys bunker shots.  We have all seen and done the classic bunker shot error where we accelerate the club into the sand full of hope and expectation, only to come to a grinding halt immediately after impact with the sand. This is largely for fear of catching the middle of the ball with... View Article
Jurrassic Encounter half price offer 2nd Round Half Price in August - Calling all Adventure Golf Fans – visit Monday to Friday until August 26th, buy one round and you can enjoy a second round, on the same day, for half price. One half price round per player per day. No need to book, just roll up and play.
Toptracer 9 shot challenge Toptracer St Andrews 9 shot challenge - Are you ready to compete in the Toptracer 9-Shot Challenge presented by The 150th Open Championship, July 9-17? Everyone is welcome to join in the fun. Head the leaderboard and you could take home an Open Championship pin flag! How to play: * Sign into your bay. * Select 9-Shot Challenge on the main menu... View Article
Positive thinking on the golf course Negative self talk - Is there a tricky hole on your regular course where you tend to say this to yourself: “Every time I play this hole I make a right mess of it”? One thing I have learned in this game is that if you expect failure, you very rarely disappoint yourself. Let’s shift those negative thoughts. Negative... View Article
The LIV tour This greed sticks in my craw - I have recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure and I am sure the LIV golf series hasn’t helped at all. I am sorry, but this is pure greed. Players who have earned, at a conservative estimate, over $100 million from the game say that they have chosen to go with the LIV Golf series... View Article
Putting tips Putting Tips - I have never been a fan of putting lessons. Most 4-year-olds I see on our Jurassic Encounter adventure golf course can putt very well. We don’t want to over analyse this area of the game. However, getting the ball to go into the hole is not easy. Here are a few practice tips that may... View Article
Spinosaurus Bigger than a T-Rex - We’re bracing ourselves for the arrival of a batch of new dinosaurs next month. Among the guests, taking up residence on our Jurassic Encounter course, is the gigantic Spinosaurus. Hopefully it won’t be a problem finding space for him – this carnivorous cutie is bigger than a T-Rex! Here’s a few facts about Spino*: •... View Article
Getting out the rough Getting out the rough - I always like showing customers this technique at this time of the year as, by now, the rough is growing like wildfire. The greenkeepers are doing their best to keep it down, but there will always be those patches of the golf course that you were not supposed to be in. Possibly the ones that... View Article
Avoid the bunker Miss on the right side - Hitting greens in regulation is an aspiration held by all of us who play the game.  But let’s be honest; no matter what our handicap is, the experience of ‘missing’ the green will be a frequent one. The longer the club we are playing, the more frequent a miss, is likely to be. So, with... View Article
Masters 2022 Masters 2022 Predictions - After a winter filled with sadness and fear, at last we can look forward to the clocks springing forward next weekend. 11 days later it’s the official start of the golfing season. Yes, the 84th staging of The Masters is just around the corner. The weather patterns worldwide have recently gone bonkers. Look at Jacksonville... View Article