Brabazon on Toptracer Create your own Ryder Cup magic with Toptracer - Do you know what course has played host to the most Ryder Cups in history? That’s right, its the iconic Brabazon at The Belfry and the course is now available for you to enjoy in Virtual Golf on Toptracer. Our customers are already loving the opportunity to navigate its numerous lakes, streams, and bunkers in... View Article
Minimum air-time Minimum Air Time - It’s important to remember that the whole point of the game of golf is to get the ball in the whole in the least number of shots. That’s why this cautious approach to the short game makes good sense. Firstly, if you are just off the edge of the green and the grass is in... View Article
Focus on the eyes, not the head - The worst advice ever given in golf is also one of the most frequently used and is normally proffered by a trusted colleague, friend, or family member. After a poorly struck golf ball, we are often told “you lifted your head – keep your head down”. What a load of rubbish! Now, I realise this... View Article
Double time for free Winter Special: Double your range time for FREE! - The nights are drawing in and Europe has just been spanked in the Ryder Cup. So, it’s time for a World of Golf offer to put a smile back on everyone’s faces!   As you know, we don’t like too many boring rules, but here are some things you need to know about this one:... View Article
A Hat-trick in the US? - World of Golf London Master Professional Jon Woodroffe, sets out his thoughts on the 2021 Ryder Cup, starting tomorrow. In the last couple of weeks we have had the Emma Radakanu fairy tale and we have also seen an amazing finish to the Solheim Cup. So what are the odds on another miracle in America... View Article
feet together drill Feet together drill - This is my favourite golf drill. It works for all standards of golfers and so many golfing errors are sorted out by this simple to understand and execute practice. It can be done anywhere, with or without a golf ball. All you do is take your normal grip and posture, then put your feet together.... View Article
Jurassic Encounter 2-4-1 in September - We have a T-Rex-tastic offer for all adventure golf fans in November: Buy one round  on Jurassic Encounter and get a second round free! That’s 36 holes for the price of 18! Please note, we do not operate a booking systems for Jurassic Encounter adventure golf. You simply turn up, play and keep out of... View Article
top of backswing How to get in the ideal position at the top of the backswing - I am a fan of achieving positions in the golf swing and then allowing the way you get there to be on instinct. In other words, the end justifies the means. Also, I firmly believe as a coach, I cannot tell you what any position should feel like as you will interpret feelings differently to... View Article
taking the clubhead back The Takeaway - As long as your address position and grip are correct, then we are ready explore the takeaway – how to take the club away from the ball and the effect that can have on your shots. If pushed, I would say you should feel the left hand, arm and shoulder pushes the club away from... View Article