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At World of Golf our PGA Qualified Instructors offer personal and group golf lessons for all ages and abilities.

All our instructors continue their professional development to increase their knowledge and skills in coaching golf, and have excellent levels of follow up service in to help you develop your golf game.

Ian Clark - World of Golf London

Ian Clark

Master Professional

PGA Qualified: 1994
Awarded designation of PGA Specialist Coach in 2012

Recently voted one of the UKs Top 50 golf coaches by Golf Monthly magazine, Ian has over thirty years of experience as a golf professional, and during that time has focussed his career toward teaching the game he loves. Ian is one of our Master Professionals here at New Malden.

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Date of birth: 21/5/72
PGA Qualified: 1994
Awarded Advanced Fellow of the PGA in 2012


Voted one of the top 100 instructors in the country by Golf World magazine
Authorised Instructor The Golfing Machine GSE M
Trackman level 1 certified instructor
K-Vest level1 certified instructor
Titleist Performance Institute golf fitness instructor – Level 1
Nicklaus/Flick Certified Instructor
Kinetic Swing certified coach
Nominated for inclusion in Golf Monthly’s Top 25 coaches list.
Putting Zone Certified Coach

Golf Speciality:

Ian has over twenty years of experience as a golf professional, and during that time has focussed his career toward teaching the game he loves. Ian is one of our Master Professionals here at New Malden.

Ian has previously taught in the Middle East with stints in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, he joined the World of Golf in 1999.

Ian has recently opened the Ian Clark Golf Academy here at New Malden, the academy is equipped with the very latest teaching technology available today. This includes Trackman, K-Vest and SAM Balance Lab. Ian is a Golfing Machine, Trackman and Titleist Performance Institute certified coach and this shows in the quality of instruction he produces.

Ian has won a number of awards for his coaching, and as recently as 2012 was voted one of the top 100 coaches in the country by Golf World magazine, and also was awarded the designation of Advanced Fellow of the British PGA.

Ian has made a lifetime vocation to learn from the best teachers and has studied under many of them, that list includes, Jim Flick, Homer Kelley, Mike Bender, Lynn Blake, Jim McLean, Ben Doyle, Chuck Cook, Geoff Mangum, Andy Plummer, Mike Bennett, Martin Hall, James Leitz and Dr Karl Morris.

Ian is a regular contributor for Golf World magazine, with his instruction articles regularly appearing in the magazine, he has also published his own e-book, ’50 drills from the driving range’, with another book on it way. Ian has also held many regular speaking engagements, speaking at the PGA National golf show, and speaking at the PGA South Region coaching conference, he also presents seminars to fellow members of the PGA.

Ian uses outstanding and imaginative communication skills as well as many different training aids in all his lessons, and as an ardent student of the game his enthusiasm for golf is infectious.

You can find out more about Ian at his website.

Jon Woodroffe

Master Professional

Awarded Advanced Fellow of the PGA status 2012
Golf Foundation Burroughs Award 2008

Jon is simply the most experienced golf coach for beginners in the UK. He has started over 25,000 new players into the game through beginners group lessons over the past 38 years.

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Date of Birth 23/07/1962


Awarded Advanced Fellow of the PGA status 2012
Golf Foundation Burroughs Award 2008

Jon is simply the most experienced golf coach for beginners in the UK. He has started over 25,000 new players into the game through beginners group lessons over the past 38 years. His infectious enthusiasm is undimmed for introducing people to the sport.

Whether you have never touched a golf club before or are returning to the sport after a lay off, Jon will inspire you to want to play golf. The group lessons will be fun as well as instructional and by the end of the 6 week course you will be ready and able to attack a golf course.

Jon also specialises in getting new players both out onto the golf course and meeting other new golfers by arranging golf games and golf holidays home and abroad. So not only will you be taking up a new past time, but you will be making new friends as you go.

Grant Guerin

GA Advanced Professional
Titleist Performance Institute Level 3 Certified Golf Coach
Titleist Performance Institute Level 2 Certified Power Coach
Scott Cowx Level 1 Certified
Science and Motion Certified Putting Instructor Level 2
Trackman level 2 Certified Instructor
K Motion Level 1 Certified Instructor

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Grant has been teaching golf professionally for over 15 years and has been based at The World of Golf since 2008. He undertook and completed his PGA training whilst at World of Golf and became one of our Senior teaching Professionals in 2014. During this time he has delivered in excess of 10,000 hours of lessons giving him a vast experience in coaching players of all abilities. Grant prides himself on being able to help players achieve their goals whilst maintaining a fun and relaxed atmosphere.
Full Swing
Through his combination of a high level of technical knowledge and the use of the latest technology Grant will help you to understand and improve your swing as quickly as possible. High speed video will be used in every lesson to help you gain a visual picture of where you are presently and where you need to get to. A Trackman launch monitor will also be used in all lessons to help you gain a deeper understanding of what the club is doing throughout impact to produce your ball flights. Having both video and Trackman running at the same time makes the learning process infinitely faster. Grant has also spent extensive time with the Titleist Performance Institute in the USA giving him a good understanding of how the body effects the swing. He is qualified to give TPI physical screens to give you a further understanding of why you swing the way you do and what you would need to do to improve. At the end of every lesson you will receive a detailed email with your swing videos, Trackman data and a voice over explaining the changes required.
Short Game
Grant has gone out of his way to learn from some of the best short game teachers in the world. James Sieckmann from America and James Ridyard from the UK (two internationally renowned short game teachers) have both heavily influenced his teaching. Grant feels that to improve one’s short game the player must first understand the basic concepts, and in particular, the main differences between the full swing and the short game. Video footage, training aids and drills will be the keys to improvement.
Learning from the best putting teachers has helped Grant to understand the finer points of the “game within a game” that is putting. Stan Utley, James Sieckmann and Dave Pelz have all helped to shape Grant’s teaching and give him a better understanding of what’s required to improve. Video, training aids and drills will be used to help the learning process.
On Course Lessons 
On course lessons are the ideal way for Grant to make sure your game is transferring from the range environment to the golf course, which can be a tricky thing to do.. All aspects of your game will be looked at from course management through to your short game and putting. Grant will video many of your shots with an accompanying voice over explaining what he would like you to work on to improve. The videos will be sent to you after the lesson via WhatsApp.
Social Media
To get a better understanding of how Grant teaches visit his Youtube channel or Instagram page
Instagram @GrantGuerinGolf 
Youtube @GrantGuerinGolf
To book in with Grant go to, see reception in person or call reception on 02089499200.

Brian Lee
PGA of Great Britain & Ireland (AA rating)
PGA of South Africa Qualified (AAA rated)
Prestige Award Golf Instructor of the Year 2021/22 and 2022/23

Brian started golf at the age of 8, growing up in the Golf Mecca of South Africa, the Garden Route. Brian began his PGA training in 2004 and qualified in 2006

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Key training aids and certifications:

Bio Swing Dynamic Lv1
Swing Catalyst Lv1
Tri-Golf Cert
Disabled Golf Cert
Golf England, HSBC Grass Roots South East Elite Professional


Brian Lee delivers effective and fun golf lessons from a quietprivate studio on the ground floor of World of Golf, London, equipped with advanced teaching technology. Every session includes post-lesson video analysis and reports, examining the swing and drills discussed. Brian Lee is a PGA qualified professional with experience as a Director of Golf and a Tour Playing Professional. He has over 20 years of coaching and 30 years of golfing experience ready to assist players of all ages and skill levels achieve their desired success.

With a passion for teaching and a commitment to helping each of his students reach their full potential, he takes pride in his ability to customize instruction to suit your unique needs and goals. Brian understands that every golfer is unique, with their own strengths and weaknesses. He takes the time to get to know you and your game, and creates a coaching plan that meets your ability and helps you achieve lasting improvement.

Sebastian Grobbler World of Golf LondonSebastian Grobler

PGA of Great Britain and Ireland
Diploma at European Golf Teachers Federation
Swing Catalyst level 1
Bio Swing Dynamics level 1
Eyeline Tour Roll Certified
4D Motion Certified
Foresight Sports Peak Certified

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A little bit about me:

My Professional Golfing career started in 2009, when I achieved a handicap of + 2. This low handicap afforded me the opportunity to play on the Professional Tours in South Africa and in the UK.
Furthermore, I’ve coached Professionals playing on the European Tour , which allowed me to gain invaluable experience of golf at a high level, as well as taught me the value of a strong mental game and course management, which I always share with my students during on-course lessons.

Teaching Philosophy

I offer unique Step-by-Step Coaching Program individually designed for every student, guaranteed to give you results. The aim is to get the
student to understand their swing mechanics, where it goes wrong and how to practice to improve it. Most important how to implement those changes on a golf course in a pressured environment.

Additionally, I make use of the latest technology to help you understand your golf game even better; Foresight GC Quad and slow motion video capture, to name a few. After every lesson you will receive a detailed video, explaining what we practised and giving you drills to help you on your way between sessions.

I have coached hundreds of students, from juniors and beginners to advanced players and Tour Professionals. Whatever level of golfer you are, I will help you reach your goals!

For more information, or to book a lesson, visit or call World of Golf on 020 8949 9200, Sebastian on 07563 907917 or scan the QR code below.

Sebastian Grobler QR code

Alex Evans World of Golf LondonAlex Evans

PGA Level 2 Qualified since 2014
Swing Catalyst Level 1

Mobile:  07914 945469
Instagram: alexoevans_golfpro_1

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PGA Level 2 Qualified 2014

Key training aid:

– Flightscope Mevo+ Launch Monitor with Face Impact Location technology
– Live View Pro Golf Swing Camera
– HackMotion Wrist Sensor
– Swing Plate Dual Pro Plane perfector
– Sure-set Swing Trainer
– Swing Align Golf Trainer
– Total Golf Trainer V2
– Impact Snap
– Impact ball


Teaching Philosophy

“Teaching is more than imparting knowledge, it is inspiring change. Learning is more than absorbing facts, it is acquiring understanding”. – William Arthur Ward

My coaching ethos is not to just explain and demonstrate what to change but involve the student with relevant training aids so they can understand, feel and repeat the process of what’s changing within their swing. With the use of my wide selection of training aids combined with launch monitor data and video technology, I can help you see the change and feel the change to seal the change.
I use one of the leading teaching applications called ‘Golf Coach’. After each lesson you will receive a detailed analysis and comparison along with audio feedback summarising what we have achieved within the lesson.
Please don’t hesitate in getting in contact to either simply introduce yourself and/or discuss potential lesson plans / packages with the option of tailoring on-course tuition within these packages.

Kevin McDonald

Kevin McDonald


PGA Level 3 Qualified 2005
Kevin has joined the World of Golf London with a wealth of enthusiasm and a career full of experience in coaching new golfers to spearhead our “Learn to Play Golf Free” campaign. His passion for introducing newcomers to the game is unrivalled.

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Kevin has joined the World of Golf London with a wealth of enthusiasm and a career full of experience in coaching new golfers to spearhead our “Learn to Play Golf Free” campaign.

He has a unique style geared solely to making the difficult task of learning to play golf as easy as possible, for both adults and kids, and the feedback from his customers is universally positive.

Kevin started his professional career at Hersham Village Golf Club and stayed there for 8 years until he was lured away by the World of Golf company to work at the Sidcup golf centre. With the sale of that site, Kevin moved across London to take the head professionals job at Stockley Park Golf Club, but when the opportunity to head up this extremely successful programme at World of Golf New Malden came up, he was on his way.

Kevin is all about making learning golf fun. He is a qualified and knowledgeable PGA professional, but you won’t feel embarrassed as a novice, as he applies his great skill and easy-going manner to encourage you to improve.

Richard Shaw


PGA Qualified: 2012

Our latest recruit to the World of Golf London professional team, you’ll find Richard teaching at a variety of levels, including our free beginners programme. He particularly enjoys helping young players develop their game.

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PGA Professional 2012

BA (Hons) Applied Golf Management Studies 2007-2010

Surrey Golf County Development Officer 2010-2015

Golf Foundation Critchley Award 2013

Teaching Philosophy

Richard is passionate about helping people from all walks of life to start and enjoy the game for life. His belief is that if you enjoy and have fun playing and learning, you will be more likely to improve and to stick at the game. In his 12 years in the industry he has worked with over 15,000 beginners and improvers. This has included helping players on driving ranges and on courses within the UK and abroad.

Richard also enjoys seeing children having fun and developing by using the sport as a vehicle and instilling the values of the sport that have helped him to stay on course in his career and his life as a whole. He’s a big fan of the Junior Golf Passport (the national learning programme for kids) and using achievements and enthusiasm to motivate the children he works with.

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Further Qualifications/Technology used/Training aids used:
To keep giving you the most up-to-date lesson experience please click Richard’s Qualification/Tech/Training aids page:


After representing his county and playing nationally as an amateur Richard graduated with a Diploma in golf studies at Myerscough College in 2000. He joined the PGA in 2002 and became fully qualified in 2005. His PGA coaching experience has seen him coach every level and type of player in many different languages including various county players. In 2005 he returned to Myerscough College where he helped develop the academy at Myerscough College lecturing in all performance related subjects. He has also played competitively throughout his career at regional and national level gaining valuable experience from playing regularly with several European tour players, which he passes on to all his clients. Richard continues to play competitively and represents the academy.


Richard likes to plan your golf lessons around you as an individual. Once he knows what you need to work on he can start the process of designing innovative drills that are specific to your game and can be performed both at the driving range course and at home. Using the right combination of technology, teaching aid and practice routine for you as an individual is key to allowing you to reach your full potential. Every client project is completely unique and Richard’s enjoyment for coaching genuinely comes from this variety. There are so many ways of enjoying golf and finding out how you the client enjoys the game is part of his lesson process. Once he understands this, Richard can build this into your lesson plan and allow you to look forward to your lessons.

Other contact information and website:
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