What is the best putter?

April 1, 2013 8:04 pm

TIP-what-is-the-best-putter-1What is the best putter, a question we always get and I reply “if there was a bad one who would buy it” they are all good if they suit your style..

There are 4 main things to decide on when choosing a putter Length, head design, grip and insert the standard length of putters is 34 inch but the tendency nowadays is for people to use shorter putters, this allows you to get your eyes directly over the golf ball at address which is an important part of consistent putting

The head design can be chosen to help your putting stroke. If you have a straight swing then a face balanced putter head works better whereas if you have an “in to in” swing then a toe balanced putter is advised.

The grip thickness is largely for comfort but also if you have a tendency to use your wrists too much in the putting stroke then try a much thicker grip on your putter. Finally the insert in the putter face has an effect on the feel of the shot but also the speed that the ball will come off the putter face, on slow British winter greens a harder insert material would be wise, but on fast summer or continental greens a softer insert material will stop the ball flying off the putter face.

So there is a lot more to choosing the correct putter than just one that looks nice, and remember this is a club that you will use on every hole, virtually, and will certainly use a lot more often than any other so investing some time and money into it could reap great rewards. I would recommend you ask your World of Golf PGA qualified professional or American Golf expert to look at your putting style and advise you on what would be the best putter for you.

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