Visualising your golf shot

April 27, 2016 11:10 am

Everybody I ever mention this to initially finds it extremely difficult to get their mind round it, but the ability to visualise the shot you are about to play will really help you improve.

blog-visualisationThe best way to start the process of learning visualisation is to sit quietly and imagine how a good shot should look. It is particularly helpful if you play the same course regularly as you can imagine standing on the first tee and seeing how the ball should fly if you have hit a good drive. Would you see the ball drawing slightly from right to left or would you be happier making the ball fade from left to right. Do not try to see the ball flying dead straight as this is an almost impossible shot to replicate.
At first you may find this a difficult task. Imagine the Protracer that you see on Sky Sports following your good drive that will help you see what you are trying to see. After a few goes at this at home in the peace and quiet, then come to the World of Golf range and do the same in your bay, imagine how the shot will look when hit well and then play the shot.
I do not guarantee that just by imagining it you will suddenly be able to produce the perfect shape shot, but it is one of the many aspects that when added together will aid your ability to achieve your golfing goals. If you are taking coaching currently with one the World of Golf professional team, ask them for their advice on this subject, all PGA golf professionals are very adept at visualisation, you can too with a little practice.

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