Thank you for the feedback

June 17, 2021 9:48 am

Golf survey feedbackMany thanks to all of our customers who were kind enough to complete our recent survey. We have just made the prize draw and have contacted the winner to issue them their £100 top up to their range account.

Our move to a bay booking system was the biggest change we have ever made and we were aware that it would not be universally popular. That said, there were 440 responses to the survey and only 11% saw it as a negative. In contrast, the bulk of the feedback was positive, with the biggest group (38%) stating it was ‘very positive’.

Our scores for making the system easy to use and the service level of our team were also very high.


Many people were kind enough to give their thoughts for further improvements. We already have, or will be implementing as many of these as possible including the ability:

– to book for two hours
– to purchase multiple bays in a single transaction
– to purchase bays side by side
– 4 starting times every hour, rather than 6
– making the bay booking system quicker to use
– more clarity on the bonus credit for top up: every top-up gains additional free credit with 10% for £30 right up to 25% for £100 top-up giving five sessions for the price of four.

There are two groups who have been affected most by the change: those who like to take their time and hit around 50 balls over a period of up to 2 hours, and those that like to hit some balls before and after a lesson. We are looking into what we can do for both these groups.

Overall, we are delighted with the results and very grateful to our customers for bearing with us during this significant change. We will continue to work hard to make further improvements to the system and to demonstrate that feedback will always be actioned whenever possible.

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