Sunday Afternoon Game at Coombe Wood

June 10, 2014 11:56 pm

Now that the evenings are longer, I arranged a game of golf for 27 of my customers at Coombe Wood Golf Club, just round the corner from the World of Golf New Malden range. The advantages of this time of the week are many. Firstly, most members clubs die a death on a weekend afternoon, they are busy with the competitions in the mornings, but come 4pm hardly anyone plays, so the course is lying there idle, where the local public golf courses are still heaving busy, so this would give some revenue to the private club.

Secondly, most of my customers are working during the week and taking a day off just to play a game of golf is a little risky in this day and age, so this way they can play when they are off.

Also it is a very quiet time for me as a golf coach, so might as well be enjoying seeing my customers playing on the golf course, and it is that factor that as a range professional is very difficult normally. Seeing whether when on the golf course the customers do the same golf swing as they show me on the range during their golf lessons. The prospect of a playing lesson where they have my undivided attention is not only very expensive, but again generally is easier to arrange on weekdays when they are work. So this way I get to see a lot of my customers for a few holes which is definitely enough for me to see if they are progressing as expected.

Thus we found ourselves at Coombe Wood, the par 66 layout and it did cause many of them some trauma. From one of the chaps catching a golf ball in his leg from a stray shot from one of the others, to a first birdie of one of the guys golfing careers at the par 3 17th hole, it was an eventful afternoon.

The hint as to the type of golf course is in the name, Coombe WOOD, and boy they have plenty of trees to be hit. There will definitely have been a lessening of the quantity of wildlife and flora during the 4 hours my players were on the golf course, but they had a great time out there.

The winner was the left hander Andy Ryan who scored a very creditable 36 points followed closely by Paul Rooke on 33 and Martin McDonnell on 31. The longest drive was a monster of a hit by John Forster and the nearest the pin was a mere 4 foot away on the 10th by Paul Rooke.

So all in all, a great afternoon, the weather stayed fair and the camaraderie was fantastic, and so onto the next of these summer get together’s which will be in early July at the beautiful Bletchingley Golf Club, if you would like more details on that contact Jon Woodroffe on


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