Hybrid Golf Clubs

June 1, 2013 7:50 pm

TIP-hybrid-gold-clubsFor my golf, the best innovation in equipment over the last few years has definitely been the hybrid irons. I guess like everyone I have always found the long irons the hardest to consistently strike so with the advent of these new weapons I tried them and now swear by them. The lack of loft of the 3 iron is not a problem if you practice 8 hours a day, but like most people I don’t get the chance to work that hard at my game, so nowadays I like to make the game as easy as possible, so I have 2 hybrid irons, both Callaway and the lofts are 19 and 23 degrees, thus replacing my 3 and 4 iron. The design means that the weight distribution in the head of the hybrid is at the back and at the bottom of the head thus making it easier to get the weight below the ball at impact which will get greater elevation on your fairway shots. The hybrid shape is generally only found in the long irons because you don’t need the help to get the ball airborne so much with 6 irons and above.

The hybrid irons come in various lofts, generally starting around 17 degrees for a 2 iron going up to 27 degrees, so I would recommend if you have the old style long irons, pop into the American Golf store next time you are at your nearest World of Golf range and ask the guys there for advice on what lofts would help your game and go and try a couple of makes out on the golf range, I love my Callaway’s but all the top brands do excellent hybrid irons, I hope it improves your golf game this summer.

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