The Interlocking Grip

March 16, 2021 10:27 am

interlocking golf gripThe most common cause of slicing the golf ball is the interlocking grip!!! There, I have said it….and I have proof. I have seen the effects of this for the past 40 years of golf coaching.

Now the interlocking grip is not wrong. I interlock my fingers, Tiger Woods interlocks his fingers, Rory Mcilroy links his fingers. To be honest, that is the only time I can be mentioned in the same sentence as Tiger and Rory, but nonetheless, it is true. So why do I blame this method of connecting the hands for the most common and debilitating golf shot error. Well, it is how the linking is done. When shown this method of connecting the hands as a starter golfer, people link their fingers to the joints causing the golf club grip to rest along the base of the fingers of the left hand, a weak grip that always leads to a slice shot.

I have no problem with players using the interlocking grip as long as they position the golf grip diagonally across the fingers of their left hand and place their left thumb slightly to the right of the centre of the grip. Then bring the right hand in from above, covering the left thumb with the lifeline of their right hand. Having successfully achieved that, then link the fingers and you will find that they only link just below the fingernails. This should help ensure that you will not slice the ball.

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