Putting Tips for Indoors

January 2, 2022 3:12 pm

So, the evenings are dark and the hazy summer days on the golf course seem a long way off. The range is great to keep the swing going, but how about the putting. Here are a few very simple exercises you can do at home to keep the putting stroke in check.

To check that you have your eyes directly over the ball at address (highly recommended to ensure that you are looking down the line of the putt correctly), hold another golf ball on the bridge of your nose. Take your normal address position with the putter and place the head behind a ball on your carpet. Then drop the ball from the bridge of your nose and it should hit the ball you are lining up to on the floor. Best not to do on a laminate floor, as if you get this wrong, there is a dent in your floorboards.

Another great trick is to place the toe end of your putter against the skirting board in your hallway, then make small putting strokes ensuring that the toe end of the putter doesn’t leave the skirting board. Don’t overdo this drill. You might damage the toe of the putter and a refurbishment job could be required on your skirting.

Again, in your hallway, stand to putt a ball and place your head against the wall, then putt. The aim is to keep your head completely still. If you move it you will be aware of the movement, particularly if you have an artex wall.

Indoor putting tips

There are various mock golf hole gadgets you can purchase and place in your hallway and putt towards. Some even spit the golf ball back at you. As a lad I just used a plastic beaker or tumbler, turned on its side and laid on the floor. If you could putt the ball into that small a target, the hole on a golf course would look the size of a bucket.

So, give some or all these a go. You will be well prepared to hole out when those warm, sultry summer days are back with us.

By Jon Woodroffe: Master Professional, World of Golf London

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