Feet together drill

September 1, 2021 3:21 pm

This is my favourite golf drill. It works for all standards of golfers and so many golfing errors are sorted out by this simple to understand and execute practice. It can be done anywhere, with or without a golf ball.

feet together drill

All you do is take your normal grip and posture, then put your feet together. It is advisable to try a practice swing first rather than going straight into hitting a ball. The whole point is to cause you to be as wobbly and unbalanced as possible. The fact that you are unstable means that you will do your darndest not to fall over. Consequently, you will make the best golf swing that you have ever made. That’s the theory anyway!

This drill brings many improvements

The areas of your game that this will improve are plentiful, but here are a few. If your grip is too tight or incorrectly positioned, then you will struggle to cock your wrists and with your feet together that will make swinging the club fully very difficult indeed. If you move your head or legs too much in your backswing then again the feet together will make that difficult to do. If you swing too far, or start your downswing by changing plane too much, then you will overbalance. It really is a drill that will help every single golfer.

The only downside is that humans are very resourceful. Put a problem in their way and they find a way round it.  So, after a few shots, you may well be able to continue to swing with your old habits and still maintain balance. If a student of mine is still not swinging well with their feet together, then I will ask them to hit a golf ball on one leg. I kid you not. Now, you will be extremely wobbly and any erroneous body movements will immediately cause a tumble.

May I suggest this is not a drill to try on the upper level of the driving range!

By Jon Woodroffe: Master Professional, World of Golf London

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