Do it wrong, then do it right!

August 5, 2020 9:59 am

One of the effects of the new restrictions for us golf professionals is that we now cannot grab hold of a golfer and pull them into the positions we want them to get in. When we do this, we can help a student feel what is required. It is a great way to learn. As I believe some clever person from the past once said: “I hear I forget, I see I remember, I feel I understand”.

So, my advice this month is more helpful to those of you that know what you are doing wrong in your swing but are struggling to get it sorted. Try alternate practice swings. First with the old or incorrect movement and then another swing with the correct movement. By doing it wrong then doing it right, you can feel and thus understand more, what the real difference is between the two. Then you can attempt to copy the desired method.

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This stark difference between the two movements highlights what your perception of the difference is. This is far more important than what any other human being can tell you because they do not know what your body is feeling. So, trust your perception of the correct swing and get that grooved in by feeling the wrong way as well as the right.

Of course, your friendly World of Golf teaching professional can be on hand to guide you through observation. We will just be a little less tactile than usual!

By Jon Woodroffe: Master Professional, World of Golf London

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