Chipping Drill

October 1, 2015 8:26 pm

By Jon Woodroffe

As we start the miserable descent into the darker winter evenings, as well as coming to the World of Golf range to keep your practicing going, here is a super drill to get your chipping improved if it is an area of your game that lets you down.

One of the very important features of a correct chipping technique is that you swing the golf club back along the ball to target line, not around your body.

Now I often find that what looks like back in a straight line to the person I am coaching and what looks like a straight line to me standing directly behind them are two very different things.

TIP-chipping-drill-1 TIP-chipping-drill-2
So to check, set up for a chip shot with the ball (if indoors use a plastic one) on a join between two pieces of carpet as in picture 1.

Then as you swing the golf club back, you should be able to look at the clubhead and still see the join in the carpet cutting through the middle of your golf club, just as you see in picture 2.

If you look at the clubhead during the swing and the join in the carpet is not in the middle of the clubhead then you are probably taking the club too much on the inside on the takeaway.

Keep practicing and it will soon feel natural and your striking of the short chip shots will be the best it has ever been.

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