Stop Flicking the Chips

March 8, 2019 11:33 am

By Jon Woodroffe – Master Professional, World of Golf London

One of the most common errors in the short game is where people try to aid the flight of the ball by sliding the club under the ball. This is done by flicking the wrists and is wholly ineffective. In fact, it just makes things worse. So, trying to keep the wrists quiet through impact in chipping, is really important, but difficult and a bit counter intuitive.
Here is a great drill to help, especially in the cooler weather. Hold the wedge a little down the grip as in picture 1. Then slide the end of your jumper over the end of the golf club, as in picture 2. Then play the chip. If you follow through and succeed in keeping your wrists quiet and don’t flick through impact, then all will be good. However if you succumb to the temptation to scoop and thus flick your wrists, then you will pull the sleeve of your jumper badly, as in picture 3.

I would recommend doing this with the most expensive cashmere jumper that you can find, because that will really make you concentrate on doing the right follow through!

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