Tight-Arse Tim

November 28, 2016 2:42 pm

Tight Arse TimIntroducing our fifth and final male character who we encounter from time to time, down at the driving range: Tight-Arse Tim.

This is the guy who likes to get total value from a bucket of balls. Every duff shot that makes it less than a meter on to the outfield is, within seconds, skilfully hoiked back to the mat. ‘We’ll have that one again!’ On quieter days Tim has even been known to break all the rules and take a step or two on to the outfield to retrieve the ball that has gone just that bit further. Tut Tut. Not to be recommended.

If you happen to hear an ambulance siren one day, it’s probably because one of our other range visitors has shanked it and finally taken poor Tim out!

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