Stop Shorties – where average can be exceptional

March 1, 2014 7:18 pm

If you are like most amateur golfers 80% of your shots will be on the front of the green or short of the green. WHY?

We think the main trouble around the green is over the green, when actually golf courses are designed with most of the trouble at the front of the green.

Old thinking has created 2 problems, the first is that the trouble is over the green so we can’t go past the hole and the second is that we should be playing our best shot to reach the hole.

New Golf Thinking encourages you to change this thinking.

Let’s create a regular situation in a game where the green is 30 yards in length and the flag is positioned in the centre of the green.

Old Thinking: Your best shot is next to the hole, your average shot is at the front of the green and your worst shot will be in trouble.

New Thinking: Your best shot is at the back of the green, your average is next to the hole and your worst shot will be at the front of the green.

By playing golf this way you increase the chance of hitting the green and helping you improve your score.

Where Average can be Exceptional.

The next New Golf Thinking Workshop with David Young, Advanced Member of the PGA, New Golf Thinking and Mind Factor Coach is on Thursday 13th and 20th February at the World of Golf, Sidcup.

Please contact David on or contact the reception at Sidcup on 020 83090181 to book your place.

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