Make the Fairway Twice the Size

June 1, 2015 5:50 pm

By Jon Woodroffe

If you have a tendency to slice or hook your drive then without making any adjustment to your golf swing you can double the size of the fairway you are aiming at. Let us take the example of if you have a slice to the right and your fairway is 50 yards wide.


The best exponent of this art was Colin Montgomerie. He always had a tendency to move the golf ball from left to right off the tee. So he would aim at the left edge of the fairway at around 250 yards, the distance his drive would be expected to finish. Thus if his drive did not move left to right as expected he would finish on the left edge of the fairway. If his shot drifted the amount he would normally expect, then his ball would be in the middle of the fairway and if his shot spun more than desired, he had the whole width of the fairway for the ball to spin into before running out of fairway on the right hand side.

What most golfers do is aim straight down the middle of the fairway with the hope that the ball will go dead straight, even though past experience tells them that may not be what happens. So if on the rare occasion the ball does go straight they are beautifully positioned in the middle of the fairway. However if the ball starts to get it’s usual spin, then they only have 25 yards of the fairway for the ball to spin into before they run out of fairway and enter the rough, so about half the size of fairway that Colin Montgomerie was using for his sliced shots

Now, obviously, the best answer here is to visit one of the World of Golf Professional team and get that persistent slice or hook sorted out with a course of lessons, but until then, while you are in the heat of battle, that tip could save you a lot of time in the long rough that is growing in this spring sunshine.



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