Practice drills for keeping your head still

October 9, 2017 12:29 pm

keep your head stillBy John Woodroffe – Master Professional, World of Golf London 

You will always hear from everyone willing to offer well chosen words of wisdom and advice, that it is imperative that you keep your head still. Every time you hit a bad shot, chances are it is because you moved your head. So here are two really good drills to help you practice swinging the golf club and keeping your head still in the process.

A video of your swing will do the trick, but that is not always available and anyway you need someone else to film you, but these drills can be done in the sanctity of your own home and garden.

Drill 1. For this one you don’t need a golf club even. Just put your head up against a wall at home allow your arms to hang as if in the address position and then swing your arms as if they held a club. You will soon feel whether your head moves, particularly if you choose an artex wall for this one. Ouch!

Drill 2. Now, this needs some sunshine, often a rare commodity in this country. But if the sun is out, get it on your back and swing the club. Observe whether the shadow of your head moves during the swing. Very simple, but effective.

head still in golfThe deal now, is that if your head was seen or felt to be moving on either of those drills, then you need to keep practicing until you keep your head still. Your body will then remember what it had to do, to achieve the still state for your head.

Hopefully, these drills won’t give you a headache!

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