Choose the right ball!

August 1, 2013 7:35 pm

TIP-choose-the-right-ballChoose the right ball!

One of the best advances in golf equipment over the last few years has been with the golf ball, they now fly further and straighter than ever before, but the array of choice we are faced with is mind blowing. I use the Srixon Z Star, mainly because it performs like the Titleist Pro V1, but doesn’t cost so much. But what golf ball should you use. Fundamentally there are 2 choices in what you want the golf ball to do, either go a long way or stop quickly on the green, so it depends where your golf game is at, in other words if you are fairly new to golf then you probably don’t want the ball to stop you would rather it went a little bit further, whereas the lower handicap golfer is not so concerned about length, but requires the ball to stop on the green when it lands there.

Basically the 2 piece ball is the long distance one, this is made up of a hard core and a durable cover, this tends not to spin so much so less backspin when landing on the green but also less sidespin on an errant shot, while the multi-layer balls offer more backspin but also more sidespin, so really you pay your money you makes your choice on what your game needs.

Another factor of the ball is the compression or hardness of the core of the ball and again it is related to your golf game, in this case how hard you hit the ball. In essence the harder you hit the ball the harder the core will suit because when you hit the ball the core compresses onto the clubface and springs the ball off and if you have a low swing speed and a hard core you will not generate sufficient compression of the ball and will lose distance.

So there is more to the humble golf ball than you might think, the best way to know what golf ball to play with is to either ask one of our American Golf colleagues, or if you are having lessons with one of the World of Golf teaching professionals, even better, as they will know your game and will know what is best suited to you.

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