Back Pain Hindering Your Golf Swing?

September 20, 2018 1:48 pm

Want to improve your game with minimum stress on your body?Back-Pain-Golf-Swing

Golf is a hugely demanding sport. It requires strength, explosive power, flexibility and athletic ability to perform a movement which produces some of the fastest club head and ball speeds of any sport. Improvements in your physical condition can help you hit the ball further, prevent injury and create a better swing efficiency. There are also several key areas where flexibility is needed to improve your golf swing.


The spine is the central support system of the body. It keeps us upright and connects the different parts of our body together, such as the hips, chest, shoulders and arms. The spine consists of seven cervical vertebrae (neck), twelve thoracic vertebrae (mid back), five lumbar vertebrae (lower back), the sacrum (five fused bones in buttock area) and the coccyx (tailbone). Although it is made up of these bones, it is also flexible due to elastic ligaments, muscles surrounding each vertebrae, and discs between each of the bones.

A correct golf swing requires good rotation in the middle of the back (thoracic spine). However, if this area is stiff, the rotation will end up coming from the lumbar spine (lower back) which can lead to a strain and subsequently an injury. We all know how many golfers suffer from lower back pain!

Exercises like the one below can help you gain those extra degrees of movement and remove the strain on your lower back. Increased flexibility can provide an almost instant improvement in your golf swing, club head speed and the ultimate distance of your shot, not to mention reducing the risk of an injury.

This is a great stretch to get that much-needed rotation into your thoracic region.

1) Trunk stretch



Step 1:
Lie on your side with your bottom leg straight, and your top leg bent over at the knee and touching the floor.
Place both hands together and stretched out in front of your chest.

Step 2:
Keeping the bottom arm and top leg touching the floor, roll your back sideways and have your top arm reach back to touch the floor, opening up your chest.
Hold the position.

Step 3:
Repeat in the opposite direction.

Repetition: 3-4 | Hold: 30-45 sec

Performing the above stretch regularly will make your swing smoother, more efficient and will increase the distance of your shot.

Although flexibility is important, you should not forget that the ability to control a golf swing through range and power is another step to a healthy and optimal technique. Having a stable base from which to create and transmit forces ‘from the ground up’ – through the kinetic chain to the hands – is vital for efficiency and maximal power creation and use. Being able to control and break the forces involved in the golf swing is as important as being able to create them.

This is where our expertise at W6 Physiotherapy can take your game to the next level. We can assess your biomechanics, help you enhance your strength and stability, and review your range of movement to prevent injury and improve your game.

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