Aiming Straight

May 1, 2015 5:56 pm

By Jon Woodroffe

As you set up to the golf ball you will always be affected in your judgement as to whether you are aiming correctly by looking along your shoulders at the target. This is unavoidable as your head and eyes are so close to your shoulders. Unfortunately when you are setting up to the golf ball there are 3 things that will naturally tend to get you aiming incorrectly, this is particularly true when driving off the tee.


1 Your right hand is below the left on the grip causing your right shoulder to move forwards of the left slightly.
2 Your right hand grip is on top of your left again causing your right shoulder to move forwards of the left slightly.
3 The ball position is left of centre of the stance and with the driver it is off the left heel which again makes your right shoulder move forwards of the left slightly.

The problem is that although each of those things independently makes a slight difference to your shoulder alignment, collectively they throw you out quite a lot and then the instinctive reaction is to think that you are aiming too far left and then you shuffle your feet round and you are now aiming too far right.

The answer is as you set up as the last part of your pre shot routine, pull your right shoulder back slightly to offset the 3 points I mentioned earlier, that should then allow you to aim at the target correctly, so then if the ball is still not going straight, come to the World of Golf and seek advice and help from our PGA professionals.

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